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Saturday, July 28, 2007

T-Shirts a go go

I finally got the Christian t-shirts printed! I have two designs. One is a lost man with a map on the front and the other is an angel/good on one side and the demon/evil on the other.
Both shirts are $18 plus shipping.
I have two sizes Large and Meduim and only chocolate brown for now.
Please email if you want to buy one and tell a friend......actually tell lots of friends.:)

Shirt choice

Odd Squad "Rookie"

Another Take ont he rookie character form the Odd Squad story.

Walk with Pride

Law -N- Order

I wasn't going for a likeness just a impression from the main characters.

Mysteries of Egypt

I watched a tv show about Egypt
and the only female Pharroh!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Odd Squad Rookie

Sketch Page


I took a class with Stephen Silver and he helped
me a lot with this character.


Don't mess with a Scottsman!


A knight I did a while back

The Janitor

This the Mechanic/Janitor for Odd Squad.
My wife does'nt like this one so I'm still working on it.

Cool Dude

New Cap'n

Another take on the Capt'n for Odd Squad

The Boss

This is another character for my Odd Squad concept.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Chucklemits

A little girl I know named Sam created this concept.
More to come I'm working on the Mom and Dad.

anatomy 101 hands

Anatomy 101

These are sketches of a two day anatomy workshop. One of many pages.

I am big and angry

Sushi's Revenge

I can't wait to ink and color this one.

Seven Samurai

I did these while watching Seven Samurai. What a beautiful, graphic movie.


Life drawing Costume

More fun Faces

The Good side of the design

A Good&Evil TShirt Design

Someday I will finish this. No really I will!

Red Head Boy

The hair needs some work but I like the shape of the boy.