Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Chucklemits

A little girl I know named Sam created this concept.
More to come I'm working on the Mom and Dad.


enb said...

good to be back in touch with you Dr Becker. Please do-

JC said...

yes, i concur with mr. berry...very nice to see a new post!! (and lots of good drawings too!). great job Derek, i'm digging the tshirt designs too!

francis said...

holy crap have some new posts! nice work derek!

JC said...

here's my email...

enb said...

daaang d-
you update fewer times than I do.
Hope youre well.
hook me up!

Joshua James said...


Brian Johnson aka Apophis said your coming to draw during lunch tomorrow..or else.

Sorry..wish there was a way around this but, he's a tuff Goa’uld.



Jeff Murchie said...

Haha!!! Your blog is FREAKING GREAT!! Man, I want to see you design the characters of a cartoon network show. You need to get a pitch out soon!! I need to call you up sometime soon. I have not talked to you in a while. I hope both you and Editha are doing well!

enb said...

I hear you are a married man now a days Derek-